Net Entertainment’s Rage of the Seas Slot Review

The Rage of the Seas video slot by Net Entertainment takes you to the pirate dark side. The look and feel of this title is super heavy almost to the point of feeling occult. Mix that with a feature-heavy play style, and you have an absolute hit of an experience.

An Introduction to Rage of the Seas

Many pirate-themed video slots fall into sort of a trap of portraying things all in the same way. There’s a big focus on the treasure and less of a focus on just how dark the situation can be. Net Entertainment avoided this trap in a major way with their Rage of the Seas online slot.

Rage of the Seas Main Screen

If you’re looking for a pirate-based slot with more grit than flash, then this is where to look.

We’re a bit partial to the more gritty visual presentations, so we loved this game. Everything from the background to the symbol set and logo all look tremendous. Additionally, the animations are smooth and do not take away from the core of the game.

On the gameplay end of things, you’ll have a lot of features that can hit at any time. Add that to a larger format with tons of ways to get paid on each spin, and action is the name of the game. A fast pace and a high hit-rate are waiting for you when you get started off in this title.

Betting and Layout

The layout is the source of a lot of the action in this title. It’s set up to really facilitate the features in a way that opens things up tremendously. Here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll start with five reels that each show four symbols each.
  • However, this format can change based on the features. Read more further below.
  • The “all ways” system is used here. This means that you start with 1,024 ways to get paid on each spin.
  • NetEnt created a simple menu to choose your bet size. This means no setting up coin sizes, numbers of coins, numbers of paylines and so on.
  • You can choose to bet from €0.20 to €400 per spin. However, some casinos may limit you to something in the range of €100.

The volatility of this game is pretty low. That’s largely due to the high hit-rate. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that there aren’t any larger wins available. You can definitely get some pretty significant payouts, especially in the free spins mode.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of the Rage of the Seas online slot is dominated by features and a high hit-rate. This means there are a lot of small and medium wins. However, there aren’t as many higher wins. With that said, you get plenty of opportunities to string together some major payouts.

Wild Giant Squid Symbols

The giant squid is the wild in this game. It appears in two forms. The first form is what’s called a spreading wild. It lands on one position and stretches out to adjacent spots. However, the second form is a stacked wild. It has the ability to cover up to four spots on the same reel.

In either case, you get extra opportunities to win that you wouldn’t have otherwise picked up. The way they’re set up to award multiple wilds at once just exacerbates that effect.

Note that the wilds do not substitute for scatters or boost crate symbols.

Rage of the Seas Boost Symbol

Boost Crate Symbols

A crate of cargo can appear on the middle three reels only. It has the word “boost” across the side of it, and these boost crate symbols give you some different features.

If you get one on one of the reels, you’ll automatically have that reel expand to be seven rows instead of four. That drastically increases your chances of winning, especially if it appears on the second or third reel. One of the random features noted below will happen on each of the next four spins.

The boost crates can also appear on all three of the second, third and fourth reels to activate a free spins mode. During this mode, all three of the middle reels will be expanded to seven spots. In that case, you’ll have 5,488 ways to win on each of those turns.

If boost crates land while you’re already in the feature, you’ll have that additional reel expand. Additionally, you’ll get more feature spins along those lines.

Free Spins Mode

The scattered skull with two pistols appears on all five reels. It gives another way to pick up free spins. The following are the number of spins you’ll receive for different numbers of scatters:

  • Five Scatters – 12 free spins
  • Four Scatters – 8 free spins
  • Three Scatters – 5 free spins

Three of the random features are added during every one of the free spins.

Rage of the Seas Random Features

Random Features

The following are the random features available during the boost crate bonus and the free spins bonus round:

  • Spreading Wilds
  • Stacked Wilds
  • Major Symbol Upgrade
  • Minor Symbol Upgrade
  • 2x Multiplier

Because these mix, match and combine, their effects compound each other. Add that to the larger format with the expanding reels, and you’ve got chances for tremendous payouts in the Rage of the Seas video slot.

How to Win at Rage of the Seas

With online slots that have a low volatility and a high hit-rate, there’s a standard adjustment to make. That adjustment is to increase the size of your bet to something in the range of 50 to 75 percent of your normal average size.

Most players have a range of bet sizes they’re comfortable with. Another way to think about it is to take on a bet size that’s in the upper 25 percent of that range, for example. The idea is that the volatility keeps the swings from eating up your balance, and that’s even with a larger bet size. However, betting more makes it easier to hit bigger prizes, especially in the free spins mode.

Payout Structure for Rage of the Seas

All of the wins noted here are multiples of the overall bet size.

Four pirates make up the major symbols for the Rage of the Seas online slot. The captain has a red background and pays 2.5x for five of a kind. The two women pirates along with the fourth pirate with a knife in his mouth each pay 1.25x for five. You’ll note that the pays don’t fall off super hard, which contributes to the balanced pay table and low volatility.

Rage of the Seas Payouts

Six additional symbols make up the lower levels of wins. The parrot and the hammer head shark each pay 0.75x. You can also win 0.4x for five of the anchor, barrel, wheel or bottle symbols. They all have pretty good wins, even the lower symbols, considering that you’ll typically win multiple times at once with these symbols, so you can get some pretty significant wins even with the lowest payouts available in the game. That’s on top of what the other features, multipliers and wilds can do to improve the size of your wins.


The pirates theme used here is a bit different than what you usually see. In the Rage of the Seas video slot, things are darker, grittier and more serious. That’s exactly what we think that a pirate-themed title should be.

Moreover, the hit-rate is tremendous, and the feature set brings a ton of action to the reels. This is a style of play that will appeal to most everyone, especially since the free spins mode allows for some pretty huge payouts with the additional features.