I have written in a lot of depth about just about everything that there is to write about in the online gambling world. Whether it’s strategy for specific games or types of betting, or whether it’s industry news, if it’s happened in this millennium, then chances are I’ve written about it in one way or another.

News and Controversy

England Fixed-Odds Terminal Bet Sizes Under Fire – A news item about a very polarizing issue happening in England.

Amaya Will Save Online Poker – This opinion piece was designed to be controversial because it goes against the popular consensus of online poker professionals. A similar piece garnered the most social media shares and mentions of any piece on one of the top two online poker news sites in the world.


My Advice For Would-Be Poker Professionals – This is an editorial about what people should do who want to get into poker in a serious way.

The Role and Importance of Rakeback in Online Poker – For online poker players, rakeback can be the difference between being a winner or a loser, and it can also be the key to getting more sign-ups as an affiliate.


Properly Identifying Wraps in Pot-Limit Omaha – An in-depth strategy article covering a special type of straight draw that only comes up in Omaha-style poker games.


Getting the Most From Online Casino Bonuses – This is an advanced, detailed description of how wagering requirements work with an eye towards how to spot if a bonus offer is likely to be profitable on its own.

Net Entertainment’s Rage of the Seas Slot Review – Game reviews are a key part of any affiliate’s repertoire, and they need to cover the strengths of and build hype for even the most mundane games.

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