Interlinkamania is Running Wild Brother

I keep seeing a common pattern over and over: People in the online casino marketing realm don’t seem to understand how critical high-quality interlinking is to search engine algorithms at this stage of the game.

Gone are the days that automatically generated “related posts” and “related pages” are sufficient. Google drastically undervalues those links, and they also undervalue in-paragraph links that aren’t as contextually related as they could be.

The devaluing of this type of interlinking is one reason why so many big name sites have gotten smashed by Google algorithm updates over the past seven years. However, it’s something that’s definitely worth fixing if it’s happened to your own sites, and it’s absolutely worth putting extra money into when building out new pages.

Quit Screwing Around With Keyword Density

Some people have an old style of content planning that centers around sending off a list of topics to a content mill with things like “use each keyword with a density of 1% in 600 words.” For those people, I have good news, and I have bad news.

The bad news is that this approach is incredibly outdated, while still much beloved, much like the old Google logo or using a Commodore 64 to conduct payroll.

The good news is that they probably already know something’s wrong since they keep getting walloped each time Google updates their algorithm, so they’ll be receptive to learning something new.

Your Keyword Research Might Suck

Back in October of 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act passed its way through Congress and became law. While that was unfortunate, what’s also unfortunate is that a lot of people are still getting their keyword research procedures from the same time period.

That’s why there’s a good chance that your keyword research might suck, but even if it doesn’t, we’ll cover some things here that can give you some fresh ideas on how to approach the types of content that you’re constantly churning out.

Get more of the pizza by working smarter and harder, but mostly smarter.